Dance Investigations

Laurah Hosaluk

Laurah is a visual artist working in four disciplines; Sculpture, Community Arts, Collaboration and Public Art. Her practice is based on her relationship to the earth, a tool to attune oneself and others to a sense of belonging.


Having a traditional Ukrainian folk ballet background and a love for two-stepping inspired her approach to dance practice. Combining Bohemian principles of folk dance into modern spontaneous social functions, creating what she calls Mosh Polka and Beatbox Bagpipin.  Loving dances that celebrate the ‘common folk’ along with a rich history of collaboration in her visual arts practice is what led her to discover Contact Improvisational Dance and began her practice in 2016 under Kyle Syverson. Laurah is fascinated with these practices’ complexity and beauty to translate movement; the song of the body.

Committed to growth in her Artistic practices, Dance helps access new pathways of thinking and acting with her hands and body.

Choreographer Kyle Syverson, Center, Jessica Valois, Right, Laurah Hosaluk, Left


In Veils: Movement with Props investigation








KSAM Dance Company 2019 Trust US?Here, Now Phot: Blair Charters