Framework of Liberations








Attending Sunday morning flea markets throughout my childhood provided me the environment to realize the value in the discarded. Are we too quick to replace the relationships and objects in our lives that no longer fulfill their conditioned nature?

Framework of Liberations is an opportunity to explore the minds perception of value and time. In this absolute space we have the ability to think about things in a new way.

My fascination to work with found objects gives me the opportunity to step aside and examine my ideas of the object. For me, new creation occurs when I’m able to sit with my experience long enough to recognize new pathways and potentials of it’s form or function. This process provides me with the understanding of how I can commune as a viewer by remembering the basic architecture of observing the habitual inner and outer feelings of my reality. This reason allows me the freedom to choose new ideas. We are all creators involved with creation.

The objects here are items I’ve been collecting and I welcome you to come back and experience new works created through out this residency.