The story of six

The Story of Six, August 24 – October 29, 2012

Appalachian Center for Craft, Cookesville Tennessee

This group exhibition features work from six artists: Kaite Hudnall, Laura Hosaluk, Benedict Oddi, Kent Perdue, Maggie Sasso, and Kristin Shiga. Their variety of works includes woodworking, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and jewelry making.

Though these artists use different media, they all see the delivery of a story through objects as their primary interest. They use, invent, and layer symbols, inject meaning, and establish imaginative environments in their work. They hold dear to their material specialties, but are never fearful to extend their reach into new territory, making the creative and material choices necessary to fulfill their roles as narrator.

Purge, March 22 – May 17 2012

The Sixth, 1642 Queen St West Toronto, ON


This recent body of work was inspired by written stories and poems from two fellow writers, Kitt Doucette and Sue Moller; the text was then transferred onto fabrics and fashioned into dolls. This new artistic territory I ventured into inspired me to transfer my own stories into physical form by  using the “body” as a vehicle to convey internal stories.


As children we grow up exposed to a world of information but certain doors remain closed and in our innocence searching for answers we do not always open the right ones.  In our confusion the wrong doors seek us out.

Purge represents the desire to expose an oppressive code of silence –  the unspoken memories and emotions of wrong doors open. The understanding of having been compelled into turning the handle leads to undesirable feeling of complicity and guilt.


Illuminated rooms of awareness that shed light on our experience hold the promise of revelation, inspiration and new beginnings. The path to freedom and truer expression yields clarity and the knowing that comes from confronting what was once hidden.

Pushing my own boundaries and challenging myself to ask questions with the new pieces I create is important to my growth as an artist and person.

Boundaries and desire are explored in these pieces – they ask questions both by challenging and exposing what we hide in the body and they educate in a silent manner.  The sculpture’s starkness represent emotion and the photos symbolize sensation the synthesis of these is the illumination of hidden and deep emotions that
sometimes rule us from dark places hidden from view. It is when awareness calls us to be free from these painful hidden troubles of the mind and the gut feelings there – that the pardoning and cleansing release begins.






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