Dance Investigations

LauraH’s practice is based on her relationship to the earth, a tool to attune oneself and others to a sense of belonging. Committed to growth in her Artistic practices, Dance helps access new pathways of thinking and acting with her hands and body.

International Day of Dance, FreeFlow Dance Co, Saskatoon, SK, Choreographed by Kyle Syverson, KSAMB Dance, 2017

 Having a traditional Ukrainian folk ballet background and a love for two-stepping inspired her approach to dance practice. Combining Bohemian principles of folk dance into modern spontaneous social functions, creating what she calls Mosh Polka Beatbox Bagpipin.

Loving dances that celebrate the ‘common folk’ along with a rich history of collaboration in her visual arts practice is what led her to discover Contact Improvisational Dance and began her practice in 2016 under Kyle Syverson. LauraH is fascinated with this practices complexity and beauty to translate movement; the song of the body.

The Human Loom was a process driven Community Arts Project that inspired future dance investigations titled: Dances With Props.

Dances with Props was a solo practice as a contact improvisation dancer and choreographed by Laura Hosaluk, fostered through KSMAB Dance Company mentorship.

Works were developed in isolation through a committed 14-day process of dancing with props outdoors. Props stand in for the contact dancers that would normally rehearse and practice together. 

“Trust us? Here Now” which we presented at 2019 Nuit Blanche, KSAMB Dance Company, below

As I grow as an artist, I have created relationships between my practice as a craft person and other disciplines, such as Dance. Dance is a way of expressing through the body, no different than working through my hands. I hold reverence for the transformative qualities of dance, and its ability to access new pathways of thinking and acting with my hands and my body.  My commitment and trust in this creative process hold deep value, as artists, we know how to work and contribute to the story through developing our own growth and translating its meaning discovered through our creative practices.

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Dance Cirrocumuli Vitae
2020-22 Wild Card Movement –  An outdoor improvisation experiment by KSAMB DANCE COMPANY, open to the public. We performed the first Friday of every month, in different civic spaces around Saskatoon, from October of 2020. Dancers gathered weekly to practice ensemble dance improvisation skills, observing pandemic restrictions.