MĪYO ACIMOWINA ASKIY (good stories earth)

Was inspired alongside Story Keeper Joseph Naytowhow and knowledge keeper Lisa Pitzel, as a multi- generational and cross-cultural project designed to create a harmonious Intersectionality of art, culture and education in an outdoor space in King George-Riversdale Community Garden of Victoria Park, Saskatoon, SK. Starting April 15th, this 10 week learner’s series  incorporated Indigenous culture and knowledge for students from Wild Sky Adventure Learning and Chep Good Foods Inc. as we explored old European building practices of wattle and daub to create a living story wall through the inspirations of this beautiful nature-based art process. 

Dobri Zemni Istoriya is a development of this project; a Ukrainian translation as we invite Marion Mutala, storyteller of Ukrainian decent to help facilitate connection through storytelling and sharing of culture as we pause and reflect this Canada Day. Join us as we reflect on our own Canadian Ukrainian identity as we ask ourselves what does it mean to be hand-in-hand in working with the land as we explore themes of gardening, family traditions, symbols of geometry and folklore. These inspiration will guide us we create a living story sculpture with the use of wattle and daub. The construction of garden screens allows for creative expression informed by this process. (Marion Mutala Biography & Artist Statement below)

Join us for our 5-day Wattle and Daub building Workshop as we use our hands to make beautiful stuff from June 27 – July 1, 2022, from 11 – 3 pm in  Victoria Park in the King George Riversdale Community Garden @ Avenue H South.  we invite community to reflect on our settler identities and take pause and reflect on Canada’s sorted past this Canada day.

 Gardens are the fertile ground. They represent time, energy, growth, and natural evolution. This project centers  around exchanges of knowledge, skills and histories betweenSaskatoon residents. As participants learn the steps necessary to create from this ancient European technique, we will exchange and learn about each other’s histories and stories, along with stories from this land, Treaty 6 territory. This project is a way to understand, learn and share, deepening relationships between diverse community members. Sharing something with the other is an act of generosity and allows the other to learn.


Artist’s Statement: Marion Mutala

Through song, dance and storytelling, Ukrainian author Marion Mutala shares her Ukrainian cultural traditions, cultures and ancestral stories. She talks about the importance of discovering individual gifts and talents, developing and sharing your gifts and talents with the world to create a world of peace and love.

Peace begins with each of us and if you learn about my Ukrainian traditions and I learn about your traditions we create a collaborative atmosphere of respect and tolerance. We need to listen and share our stories to heal.

Marion also talks about being grateful and thankful for all our daily blessings. People are more alike than you think. We should celebrate our differences. She believes the majority of people want peace and to create a better safer world.

Explore: What kind of city do you want to live in? What kind of province? What kind of country? What kind of world?

Together, as individuals and collectively we can create a better more peaceful and loving world. We have the power to do that if we choose. Peace is a lifestyle choice.

Marion Mutala has a master’s degree in educational administration and taught for 30 years. With a passion for the arts, she loves to write, sing, play pickle-ball and guitar, travel, and read. Marion has written eighteen books to date. She is the author of the National Bestselling, Award-winning Children’s Books, Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Christmas, (Anna Pidrucheny Award 2010) Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Easter, (Shortlisted for Saskatchewan Book Award -Publishing in Education-2013) Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Wedding, (Winner of The High Plains Award -Best Children’s Book -2015) and Kohkum’s Babushka: A Magical Metis/ Ukrainian Tale; also performed as a play. She is also the author of Grateful, The Time for Peace is Now, Ukrainian Daughter’s Dance (a poetry collection), The Mechanic’s Wife (Silver Winner- Destiny Publishers Fiction -2015), More Baba’s Please! and My Buddy, Dido! (Shortlisted for a High Plains Award- Best Children’s Book -2019) and My Dearest Dido- The Holodomor Story a book about the Ukrainian genocide also available in audiobook. Released in 2020 a chapbook called Earth Angels: Operation Angel with all sale proceeds donated to Nashi; an organization that tries to stop human trafficking of children. The Mechanics Wife, (second edition) and her new book in the collection called Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Journey to Ukraine – included in a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Hardcover is a book of four stories called Baba’s Babushka: Magical Ukrainian Adventures, 2020. Live Well- My Ukrainian Upbringing And Other Stories and Race to Finish, her second book of poetry was released in 2021 and Baba Sophie’s Ukrainian Cookbook was released in 2022.

Coming soon: The Wealthy Widow

Website: www.babasbabushka.ca.