MĪYO ACIMOWINA ASKIY (good stories earth) was inspired alongside Story Keeper Joseph Naytowhow and knowledge keeper Lisa Pitzel, as a multi- generational and cross-cultural project designed to create a harmonious Intersectionality of art, culture and education in an outdoor space in King George-Riversdale Community Garden of Victoria Park, Saskatoon, SK. This ten week learner’s series explored innovative ways of working with the ancient European practice of wattle and daub construction, dating back to Neolithic times. Teaching this practice was a means of connecting learners of European heritage with their ancestors. Additionally, it is a powerful intercultural sharing tool with non-European heritage learners. By intertwining Indigenous philosophies and storytelling with this ancient European practice, the act of Conciliation between cultures took root. 

Dobri Zemni Istoriya (good earth history) is a development of this project; a Ukrainian translation with Marion Mutala, storyteller of Ukrainian decent to help facilitate connection through storytelling and sharing of culture as we pause and reflect this Canada Day. Join us as we reflect on our own Canadian Ukrainian identity as we ask ourselves what does it mean to be hand-in-hand in working with the land as we explore themes of gardening, family traditions, symbols of geometry and folklore. These inspiration will guide us we create a living story sculpture with the use of wattle and daub. The construction of garden screens allows for creative expression informed by this process. (Marion Mutala Biography & Artist Statement below)

Join us for our 5-day Wattle and Daub building Workshop as we use our hands to make beautiful stuff from June 27 – July 1, 2022, from 11 – 3 pm in  Victoria Park in the King George Riversdale Community Garden @ Avenue H South.  we invite community to reflect on our settler identities and take pause and reflect on Canada’s sorted past this Canada day.

 Gardens are the fertile ground. They represent time, energy, growth, and natural evolution. This project centers  around exchanges of knowledge, skills and histories betweenSaskatoon residents. As participants learn the steps necessary to create from this ancient European technique, we will exchange and learn about each other’s histories and stories, along with stories from this land, Treaty 6 territory. This project is a way to understand, learn and share, deepening relationships between diverse community members. Sharing something with the other is an act of generosity and allows the other to learn.


My interest in this project from SUMMER 2022 developed further as I translated the wattle and daub technique and medium in sculptural works titled The Circle and the Dot.