The Human Loom

Cooperative Crafts 2019

 This project was created alongside Evan Hardy’s Functional Life Skills class. The project introduced weaving skills with the goal of one communally made “friendship bracelet,” at the Saskatchewan Children’s Festival.  Quickly the ideas transformed a cooperative craft game was conceived!  Participants of the Life Skills class joined Hosaluk at the festival teaching the game to the festival-goers.  The end result: A huge bean bag-styled chair for Evan Hardy’s chill space within the Functional Life Skills Classroom. 

 The Process Below! You will see how I hand dyed over 500 sheets that were donated to the project, which were then laid in the sun to dry.  The students in the program then worked to tear and prep the materials that would be woven through out the game which was a lot like over under duck-duck-goose. 

 We spent approximately 40 classroom hours preparing, troubleshooting and practicing the game. 


ABOVE: Test run in the King George Riversdale Lawn Bowling Park, Victoria Park.

ABOVE: The Human Loom at the Ness Creek 2019 Festival, Big River, SK

The worlds best Volunteers and Supports, Lauren Scruton and Kyle Syverson



May all who pass through here be blessed.