Laura M. Hosaluk

Treaty 6 Territory, Saskatoon, CA

Maker & Mover

Earth Art

Painting the Prairie, Acrylic on Found Object, Hi Way 14, Kindersley, SK, CA, 2017

My creations open up spaces of wonder to contemplate the world around us, using art as a means to celebrate the human condition. I am curious about the power of installation art and how it connects to people. I draw upon my family history as content to tell stories. The experience of having a settler upbringing with no ethnic culture intact, apart from eating the food and sharing trauma, connects me to a personal and collective history of growing up on the prairies. These origins travel back in four geographies: Poland, Ukraine, Scotland, and England. I arrive in one unifying position – in Saskatchewan.


Natural materials combined with the re-creations made from found objects offer new-found journeys into the past and future. Their arrangements allow us to reconsider our relationship with the earth as human beings. I combine the refined and fragile medium of porcelain and the density and resilience of bronze against the precariousness and unique histories of found objects to express ideas in a way no other materials can.